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In the United States robot will help local judges

В США робот будет помогать местным судьямThe bot is able to maintain intelligent conversation.

Artificial intelligence should, according to the calculations of researchers, to help reduce the crime rate by almost a quarter. Some American judges have already called IBM Watson — for example, in Montgomery County (Ohio) AI from IBM will help to adjudicate the juvenile.

Over the last three decades prison population in America has increased four times and amounted to more than 2.3 million people. Among them, 58% are either black or Hispanic. Racial disparity in the justice system of America is hard to ignore, and some courts began to look for technological solutions to this problem.

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According to a study at Cornell University, artificial intelligence could be more objective, for example, in matters of sponsorship. Scientists estimate that such systems can reduce crime by 24.8%, simply to deny bail to the most dangerous criminals. They can also reduce the number of prisoners in the US is 42%, recommending the release of detainees, from whom the likelihood of new crimes is minimal. And these algorithms will work equally as well for blacks and Hispanics, and whites.

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Some places are already taking concrete steps for the implementation of AI technology in the judicial practice. Thus, the juvenile judge of Montgomery County Anthony Capizzi started collaboration with IBM in order to adapt AI IBM Watson to work in the judicial system. Artificial intelligence will help the judges better understand the nuances of a child’s life at home to make a decision about custody. Capizzi expects that the initiative will be implemented over the next fifteen years.

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