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In the United States may impose a tax on the games with elements of violence

В США могут ввести налог на игры с элементами насилия Such a proposal was voiced by representative of the state of Rhode island.

Earlier this month in the United States suffered a major tragedy: a former student of a school in Florida came to their school and opened fire. 17 people were killed. The U.S. government again started to figure out how to prevent such incidents in the future. As it turned out, President Donald trump (Donald Trump) tends to the classical charge of everything, they say, to blame violent movies and video games.

As writes Polygon, trump discussed safety in schools at a meeting in the White house. “We need to do something with what they [children] see and how they see it, including video games. I increasingly hear people say that the level of violence in video games affects the minds of young people,” trump said.

In addition, Polygon quotes the words of the Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin (Matt Bevin): “There are video games that are intended for an adult audience, but children play. Everybody knows about it, and children did not stop. [In these games] exalted violence against people”.

Representative of the state of Rhode island Robert Nardolillo (Robert Nardolillo) said that he was going to develop the project of taxation. In his opinion, all video games rated “M” (for persons 17 and older) or higher sold in the state, should be taxed 10 %. The revenues from this tax, Nardolillo is going to translate to help Fund schools. This Fund should develop counselling services, programmes for the protection from mental illness and other areas that help to prevent conflicts.

Nardolillo also believes that violent video games children become more aggressive. At this point in Rhode island is impossible to forbid to sell to minors of games rated “M” so, Nardolillo trying to impose sanctions in a different way. Thus, according to PC Gamer, Nardolillo opposes restrictions on the distribution of firearms.

Among the younger generation, obviously, enough disagree with trump. CNN interviewed Chris Grady (Chris Grady). This 19-year-old student who survived the recent shooting in a Florida school. Grady said: “It’s just a pathetic excuse from the President. I grew up playing video games — Call of Duty and other such first person shooters. And I never would have even thought to take the lives of their peers.”

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