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In the United States legally thriving trade in human bodies

В США законно процветает торговля человеческими теламиSell the whole body for three or five thousand dollars, sometimes price comes to ten thousand

Reuters has published investigations about how in the US there is a market sale of human bodies.

They tell that in the country the business is not actually prohibited by law, and companies that engage them, often cheat their customers.

In USA is forbidden to sell organs for transplantation, but there is no law that would prohibit to realize the entire body or parts thereof for research and training. Companies who buy them are called brokers bodies, but they prefer to call “banks retransplantation fabrics” (that is, those parts that cannot be transplanted). Usually, the body they get from poor families who cannot afford to bury their loved ones. In exchange, the company will provide a free cremation.

Whole body or parts used in medical education and training: they teach students, doctors, nurses and dentists. Surgeons, quoted by Reuters, say that any dummy or a computer simulation can not replace the tactile and emotional experience from working with human parts. For example, paramedics use the heads and torsos to learn how to insert a breathing tube. The researchers tested the bodies of new surgical techniques and implants.

Brokers looking for new “customers” through funeral homes, hospices and hospitals. The donor can also sign a document that conveys his body to the brokers, before his death. Then they analyze the medical history of the donor and decide what exactly should be done with the body. Leave it intact or (this happens often) is divided into six parts: head, torso, arms and legs. Clients of brokers leave orders for what they specifically need, for example 27 ulna for the training seminar. When the parties agree on the cost, body parts are sent to customers.

One of the companies, which tells in his investigation of Reuters, called Restore Life. The Agency contacted her via her work email and ordered the cervical spine for $300. To the question, what does he need the vertebrae, the journalist responded: “For medical research”. Reuters notes that the company even did not check the identity of the buyer: if she googled his name, you’d know that a reporter.

As a result, the journalist brought a box of bones without any markings, it took the consultant who heads the organ donation of bodies to medical school at the University of Minnesota. A week after delivery reporter wrote of Restore Life, offered to buy a human head for $300, the knee joint, and feet discount. He ordered two heads: he brought men and women without any markings. That is to establish to whom they belonged, is impossible.
Sell the whole body for three or five thousand dollars, sometimes price comes to ten thousand. One of the companies the torso with the legs costs $3,575, head $500, the foot – $300. Find out exactly how many bodies sold in the United States, it is impossible. Reuters has learned that in the States of new York, Virginia, Oklahoma and Florida from 2011 to 2015 brokers have at their use of 50 thousand bodies and sold more than 182 thousand body parts.

Brokers often cheat their clients, the book tells several such stories.

In one of them the company Bio Care invited the girl named Farrah Fasold to take the body of her dying father, and promised that it will be used for science and training of medical students. The girl agreed. At first she could not give cremated remains, but when they lost, it is suspected that they do not like ashes. It turned out to be sand. In 2010, authorities said Fasold that the head of his father found in a medical waste recycling equipment.

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