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In the United States have learned to obtain water from the air

В Соединенных Штатах научились получать воду из воздухаUnique technology patented by scientists from the United States.

ZeroMassWater American company has developed a system that collected from the air water vapor and convert it into drinking water using solar energy.

Installation for home use allows you to receive daily up to 5 liters of fluid. Over 10 years of service it produces 42.6 thousand liters of clean water.

The air enters the plant with the help of fans. Then the special nanostructures “hydropanel” pull him from the water vapor. Water enters the purification tank, and then is mineralized with calcium and magnesium.

Now the plant is tested in 8 countries: Mexico, Ecuador, UAE, USA, UK, Lebanon, Jordan and the Philippines. Its estimated value together with the installation — 2500 $. Representatives ZeroMassWater are confident that the project will be successful because it will help people to save money on mineral water bottles.

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