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In the United States have discovered a giant platform not sold to Tesla. Video

В США обнаружили гигантские площадки не проданных Tesla. ВидеоOn such grounds began in June of this year.

A group of enthusiasts, known as the “Dwarf force” found a great site with unrealized Tesla.

A giant Playground, a fully parked with cars found in various States such as Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and salt lake city. “Warehouses” failed to find using drones and the same way to capture them. This finding proves the speculation of skeptics that Tesla is not that successful.

On such grounds began in June of this year. But then the Tesla representative Dave Arnold called them commodity nodes. In turn, in September, Elon Musk made a statement that now the company is experiencing some difficulties with the delivery of electric cars to its customers due to the lack of transporters. Despite the fact that the guy young from the Association of truckers of America has denied this information. He said that none of the car producing companies are not faced with similar problems. For its part analyst Mike Ramsey suggested that Tesla simply didn’t think about the logistics before reaching the bar in 5 thousand produced units per week.

However, analyst Brian Johnson believes that all of the above is not the real problem of these “warehouses”. He is confident that Musk has released more rear-wheel drive versions of Model 3 than the really can implement. This is confirmed by the timing of deliveries of electric cars to future owners. If four-wheel drive instances have to wait for 12 months, rear-wheel drive manufacturer is ready to deliver in just four weeks.

Also rather strange for a company claiming that it sells all the cars, is the fact that Fremont customers can themselves inspect hundreds of cars Tesla Model 3 and choose the one you like.

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