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In the United States has voiced position on the Crimea

В США озвучили позицию по КрымуAccording to Kurt Volker, on the recognition of Russia’s actions in Crimea and the Donbass may not be considered.

Special envoy of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the problem of Crimea is no different from the problem of Donbass.

In an interview, Now he said “this is the territory that was invaded and occupied, and in the case of the Crimea Russia also stated that it annexed the territory.”

“This is simply unacceptable – you can’t just come in and grab a piece of a foreign country. Therefore, there can be no recognition, no legitimacy nor to Russian moves in Eastern Ukraine or in the Crimea”, – said Walker.

He also stated the need for consistent application of sanctions to end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

“Every time the Russians come and say: “Remove the sanctions. Remove the sanctions,” we know that there is a reason they say it because it matters to Russia. And if the existing sanctions are not effective, that’s no reason to change course – it is an occasion to think about what else we can do to get to the point where we really can decide,” said Walker.

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