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In the United States had the evidence of the approaching planet Nibiru

В США получили доказательство приближения планеты Нибиру Shot video the man is sure that it is visible planet X.

Planet X has already entered the milky Way. This, according to experts, indicates the appearance of a second sun over the United States. Filmed another star American early in the morning.

Ufologists have long been saying about Nibiru, which is allegedly headed straight to the Ground. It is this heavenly body will lead to the end of the world. Starting in 2017, preachers and mystics regularly portend the death of all living things. The end will come if you believe the stories, very soon.

Some people have personally seen Nibiru in the sky. As proof of his words, they produce photos and videos. Scientists do not provide any information about the presence of Planet X. NASA generally criticized all the theories about Nibiru.

Experts say that all stories about the planet – fiction. No theory not confirmed by facts. If planet X existed, it would long ago astronomers noticed and recorded the American space Agency. Moreover, the body visible from earth with the naked eye.

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