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In the United States found the frozen alien ten growth

В Штатах нашли закоченевшего пришельца десятиметрового ростаAppeared intriguing video.

Ufologists have noticed the frozen body of the alien on the top of mount Adams in the U.S. state of Washington. A short video about it appeared on YouTube on channel Ufo Mania.

Google’s new service captured mount Adams, the researchers noticed in the pictures the remains of the humanoid. From the man he was distinguished by size, ufologists believe that his height is about 10 meters. Top Adams attracted the attention of scientists since 1947. After the Second world war signalled the ships guests from other planets.

Ufologists long time exploring this area, but can’t understand where the base of the aliens and how they get there. The researchers suggest that a portal leading to other planets, is a crack on the top of Adams. However, to prove this hypothesis, experts can’t. Mount fixed the giant man holding a mug – believe ufologists. Previously, users of social networks criticized the researchers for what they often exaggerate the facts and give vent to the imagination.

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