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In the United States found that dolphins like to watch TV

В США выяснили, что дельфины любят смотреть телевизор An interesting discovery was made experimentally.

Dolphins, like other animals, need entertainment. Their leisure time should be interesting. Often to meet these needs using a flexible pole for sailing and a special ring. Dolphins love to play with them. Recently they had a new entertainment – scientists have offered to show them different cartoons and TV shows.

This was stated by the staff of the centre for research and rescue of dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder, located in Key Largo, Florida. Holly Eskelinen and Kelly Winship decided to conduct an experiment. Their goal is to understand interested in whether dolphins entertainment of this kind. They set around pools with animals TV of about 32 inches.

They included the documentary series “planet Earth” from the BBC for 5 dolphins Steno bredanensis and 12 bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncates. In addition, they showed episodes from the first season of the famous cartoon “spongebob Squarepants”.

Researchers were also interested in how dolphins react to realistic and the drawn images of the ocean. Dolphins are thrilled with the movie, and from the transmission. It is worth noting that the TV was also interested in animals with hearing problems. Apparently, they are attracted to that image.

В США выяснили, что дельфины любят смотреть телевизор

To do this, scientists have shown TV shows, parrots, dogs, monkeys, chickens, and chimpanzees – the results were not so bright.

Dolphins were more passionate about TV than bottlenose dolphins. Males of both species are actively reacted to the image. During the experiment of interest to the TV was high.

Before you can equip the pools with TVs, the researchers recommend to conduct further experiments. You need to understand how individual species will react to the video. Scientists are convinced that watching cartoons and TV programs is not only fun, but also a way of studying thinking animals.

В США выяснили, что дельфины любят смотреть телевизор

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