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In the United States discovered a creature of unknown origin

В США обнаружили существо неизвестного происхожденияDead mysterious animal has confused zoologists

Unidentified animal was discovered and shot in the us city of Denton, Montana. As reported Great Falls Tribune, specialists in the wild, while can not determine what kind of animal.

The incident occurred on one ranch may 16. It clarifies the issue, the animal had long fur of gray, big head and long face. It resembled a wolf, but the ears were atypically large, and the legs and the body too small.

“We have no idea who it is. You need to wait for the DNA test,” — said the member of the local center for the preservation of wildlife.

Photos shot of the beast caused a stir among local residents. In social networks they give different assumptions: some believe that it’s just a cub, grizzly, others believe it may be the character of urban legends dogman — upright man-dog.

Another local specialist Ty Smucker’s (Smucker Ty), which is including wolves, suggested that the beast — a hybrid of a wolf and dog. He claims that he personally encountered such beings during the work.

At the moment the body of the animal is investigated by staff of the wildlife of Montana.

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