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In the United States died a famous physician, inventor of the “Heimlich maneuver”

В США умер знаменитый врач, изобретатель "приема Геймлиха"The Heimlich maneuver is used as emergency aid.

American doctor Henry Heimlich, who invented a method of salvation of man choking on food, has died at the age of 96 years.

Heimlich died in a hospital in Cincinnati (Ohio) after a heart attack that occurred December 12.
In the mid 70-ies Heimlich developed a technique for helping anyone in the respiratory tract which hit a foreign object – most often it is food.

To help someone who is choking need, standing back sharply to press his fists to the abdomen of the victim.In may of this year 96-year-old Heimlich managed to save another woman, PaperHOUSE a piece of hamburger.

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In 2003, he told in interview Bi-bi-si, that he himself was able to use his technique only once: it helped the man who choked on food in the restaurant.

Then the doctor admitted that before this incident he was not sure whether he will be able to apply this technique. Heimlich constantly set up meetings with those who used his method and whom he helped to survive.

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Heimlich known for other inventions in the field of medicine. In particular, he invented the so-called valve the Heimlich maneuver, which you can use to save the man wounded in the lung.

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