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In the United States die from hunger in 9 times more often than in Russia

В США умирают от голода в 9 раз чаще, чем в России

Death from starvation, more hunger, and malnutrition. A synonym for “hunger” just looks terrible.

В США умирают от голода в 9 раз чаще, чем в России

Take figure ASDR per 100 000 – Malnutrition, both sexes (death from malnutrition). Last year our database who – 2015-2016. Select countries G-8 (group of eight) and watch the result.

The lowest result, Russia and Britain to 0.1. deaths per 100,000 population. A little worse for Germany 0.2 . In Italy, 0,3 , 0,4 in Japan. Somewhere in the 0.3 or 0.2 lost Canada. And here in the US are dying of hunger in 9 times more often than in Russia. In France, as much as 12 times more often.

В США умирают от голода в 9 раз чаще, чем в России

The closest to Russian, the results in the UK to clarify their view in the British statistical data center.

Of course, the whole of Britain some of these cases. Only 90 ( 66 deaths in the hospital). And when 391 cases of death from malnutrition was a minor cause of death. But this is Britain, 6 times as large as the population of the US and 9 times as much case. 400 British cases, it is necessary to multiply approximately by 45.Get 18000 deaths per year.

The figure can be checked in another way

Take who data 0.9 deaths per 100,000 population . turn on 320 million people in 3500 deaths from a famine, against 146 the Russians and 15,000 American deaths where starvation was not the main cause of death.

В США умирают от голода в 9 раз чаще, чем в России

That is, in the United States die each year from hunger around 18000-20000 people.

Putin’s Russia is a beacon of fullness in the realm of hunger among all countries.

For review. a rating 2014. stars out of course American. The so-called shotgun Bloomberg.

“Today, Americans continue to suffer from hunger. In the conditions of low-paid jobs many families have to make difficult decisions: to spend the money on food or pay the bills,” he told reporters by CBS News Executive Director of the analytical center on Budget and Policy Bob Greenstein, who led the service, which controlled the Federal food assistance programs.

Now, experts say, the minimum wage in the us adjusted for inflation is now 20% less than in 1968.

The situation is dire, food stamps are a major support for people whose salaries are not enough to live on.

“This is an everyday problem for every eighth American, says Grinstein. – In Maine now, the government has reduced the number of food stamps. Activists are trying to influence that decision, as the situation is getting worse by the year.”

According to the Ministry of agriculture of the USA, there are 2 900 000 juveniles deprived of regular nutrition. This figure exceeds the population of Chicago or, for example, four “Washington”.

You can imagine the huge cities fully inhabited by young citizens of the United States dressed in the small trousers and jackets, which not just don’t buy gadgets or toys — they don’t know when the next time will be able to eat.

“When these children return home from school, they are not sure that they will have to wait for a hot meal on the table. School lunch may be almost the only food for the whole day,” write the journalists Insider.

The New York Times told about the proposal of the Department of agriculture to restrict access to food stamps (a form of provision of free school Lunches) 500 thousand students in the United States.

В США умирают от голода в 9 раз чаще, чем в России


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