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In the United States detained a Ukrainian opposed the Russian artists

В США задержали украинку, выступающую против российских артистовThe girl shines a conviction for what she opposed was organized by the Russian concert.

In Washington, arrested activist of the Ukrainian Diaspora in the United States Olexa Chopivsky, who along with his mother in the Cathedral handing out leaflets during a protest against the “Concert for unity”, organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

“The protection of the Cathedral asked the women to leave the territory. Olexa, who was a student in a private school for girls at the Cathedral, defended their right to remain in the home for her organization. The security chief called the police. The police twisted Oleksa hands, wearing handcuffs, put her in a police car and taken away”, – stated in the message.

Woman for a year would be prohibited to enter the territory of the Cathedral, besides it, according to the guard, will receive a criminal record. She Olexa will this decision to challenge in court.

“This is a national Church. It is open to all. Sounds like I’d climbed over the fence. There all the time walking people, everyone can enter the territory of the Cathedral. Besides, I was there 14 years studied. For me it’s like a second home,” says the activist.

Olexa also harshly condemned the greeting in the U.S. these concerts, organized by Russia. On it, among many, was attended by conductor Valery Georgiev, pianist Denis Matsuev, who was supported by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the annexation of Crimea.

“Yesterday’s concert was advertised as the “Concert for unity”. However, Russia launched aggression in Ukraine and Georgia. What is unity and with whom? Russia now believes that it can unleash a war, to violate international law, to intervene in elections abroad, and it will still be welcome in America,” says Chopivsky.

It is reported that invited to the concert and delegates from Ukraine, but they refused because of the participation of persons who supported the annexation of Crimea.

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