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In the United States created an impressive combat robot

В США создали впечатляющего боевого роботаThe company MegaBots in the US have developed a combat robot, who was able to beat the machine.

The invention was presented at Maker Faire 2017.

The developers have revealed the characteristics of a humanoid robot. His height is 4.9 m and a weight of 12 tons. The car moves through the engine, with a capacity of 430 horsepower.

At the presentation, the robot stood up, moved his hands and was able to beat the machine. The audience noted that the robot was moving very slowly. In turn, the creators explain this retardation of development that were not immediately put it on full power.

The development of humanoid fighting robot is carried out in several leading global companies. According to the company Redwood investment in robotics in the United States are 732 billion dollars.

Robots have contributed to the increase in GDP in many countries and led to the improvement of employability of people. While the machines do not replace, only complement it.

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