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In the United States caught the movement of a strange creature

В США засняли передвижение необычного существа The legendary “skunk APE” can really exist.

Although the following video was produced in January 2015, she is now interested in cryptozoology and researchers of supernatural phenomena in the Network.

The American named Matt told me that took these mysterious shots in the Park Lettis lake on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida, when he swam through the local marshes in a canoe. Swimmer did not even know what will face that day with something hard-to-explain.

At some point, the man suddenly noticed among the trees high dense figure covered with dark hair. At first, our hero thought that he came across a grizzly bear, but quickly remembered that such animals in these places otrodjas was not found. When the creature on the shore of the beginning of the movement, Matt realized with surprise that it kind of APE-like creation the size of a gorilla or even larger.

Needless to say that great apes are not found in the wild in North America. The amazed American had hurried to get the mobile phone and capture the intended cryptid on camera.

In Florida and several other southeastern U.S. States are widely known urban legend about the so-called skunk APE living in the woods near the marshes. They say that this is a high that is similar to Bigfoot anthropomorphic creature emits as a defense mechanism disgusting smell similar to the stench of a skunk or rotten meat.

Matt is lucky enough to obtain documentary proof of the existence of the mythical monster?

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