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In the United States called the most reliable cars in 2017

В США назвали самые надежные машины 2017 годаIn last place among luxury brands is Jaguar.

In the United States named brands, cars that break down less often. American research firm J. D. Power published a rating of most reliable car brands.

Experts have analyzed reliability models of 2017. The study covers more than 30 brands. The results you can check our article: TOP 30 reliable car brands.

And this time CarDiagram offers to your attention the statistics of breakdowns exclusively for luxury producers. Of the thirty most reliable car brands we have selected data on such brands as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and other representatives of a segment “premium”.

The Deluxe outsiders

But before turning to the winners, say a few words about the outsiders of the rating.

In last place among luxury brands is Jaguar. Experts have counted British brand 148 of breakdowns per 100 cars. Jaguar revealed one of the worst results in the overall standings. More damage was discovered only Fait – 163 pieces for 100 cars.

Not far from the Jaguar left the Volvo. The Swedish brand was included in the rating with an index of 134 breakdowns on hundreds of machines. Which is very strange. After the Swedes not long ago began a new life. And showed good results in crash tests.

What can I say, if he is Jeremy Clarkson praised the Volvo in a recent test drive, which you can find at this link. The only thing that was unhappy with a British journalist, is the engine. The diesel engine did not impress the legendary leader.

Only three less breakage showed up at Land Rover. Actually, what is surprising: the British brand is a holding company with Jaguar, which, in turn, belongs to Hindus. Accordingly, the quality of the two brands is about the same.

The five outsiders premium Audi closes with 115 breakdowns per 100 vehicles.

Most reliable premium brand
The Deluxe list of leaders of reliability is headed by Genesis. This is the premium division of the Korean Hyundai, which was founded in 2015 specially for the production of very expensive models. “Genesis” discovered 77 failures per 100 cars.

On the second place Porsche. And although the company is in the relationship with Audi (both brands belong to the group Volkswagen), car Porsche break down much less often: Americans counted 78 of breakdowns per 100 “Portia”.

Third place – BMW. The Bavarian cars have 10 more than their “colleagues” from Porsche. Most reliable “boomers” were recognized as the BMW 2 Series, BMW 4 Series and BMW X6.

In fourth place is Lincoln, which counted 92 breakdowns on 100 cars.

The five of leaders closes another American – Buick – 95 breakdowns on hundreds of machines.

TOP 10 reliable premium auto brands

According to the study of models of 2017.

В США назвали самые надежные машины 2017 года

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