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In the United States called the launch date of the first commercial fusion reactor

В США назвали сроки запуска первого коммерческого термоядерного реактораExperts are working on creating a high temperature alloy for fusion reactor.

A private us company Tri Alpha Energy has promised to create the first working commercial fusion reactor is by 2027. For this purpose the firm has received investments in the amount of $ 500 million. On prospects, the company’s chief engineer, Michl Winterbauer told PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

Currently, the Tri Alpha Energy professionals working to create high temperature alloy for fusion reactor. The company has an installation that allows you to save pre-heated to 18 million degrees Celsius plasma for approximately 11.5 milliseconds.

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Reactor Tri Alpha Energy, in contrast to the majority of similar machines, should work on the basis of a mixture of deuterium and boron. To trigger a thermonuclear reaction to heat the fuel to three billion degrees Celsius. The use of boron, according to Tri Alpha Energy, rather than tritium, because of the greater prevalence of the first compared with the second.

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In fusion reactors happen reactions of synthesis of heavy elements from light (as a rule, the formation of helium in the merger of deuterium and tritium), unlike conventional (nuclear) reactors, where the initiated the processes of decay of heavy nuclei into lighter.

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