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In the United States began to occur unexplained technical failures

В США начали происходить необъяснимые технические сбои Americans are sounding the alarm because of problems with computers and smartphones.

According to experts, every tenth American – the user of the computer, laptop or modern mobile device is facing problems, which are to be explained with logic it’s just hard.

For example, a gadget or computer suddenly begins to send through the monitor mysterious messages in an unknown language, he turned on and off, growls unpleasant voice, and even takes the owner of the forces (people on these devices feel completely broken).

And, as practice shows, the appeal in this case, the programmers and even the psychiatrists is useless. All this in more detail tells us of an experienced exorcist, Reverend Jim Peasboro (Jim Peasboro) of Savannah, Georgia, which is already engaged in this issue.

A truly believers in God, people, including pastors, the priest says, Pissaro, calling modern computer technology toys of the devil, use this definition more as a metaphor. However, it is not so that otherworldly forces can really move in all of these devices are, and, you know, not bright angels doing such revelries.

A practicing exorcist tells that he one day asked about it one of the pastors whose mobile device literally began to mock him, printing him insulting and threatening messages. And then actually gave something utter in a foreign language. As it turned out, it was the inscription on a dead Mesopotamian language, moreover – in a rare dialect (it’s later established professional linguists).

Another phenomenal event-driven, Pissaro, tells the story of a Peruvian Patricia Quispe, who installed it on your smartphone app for “communication with the spirit world”. After one of the sessions “such a connection” the girl was on the floor in convulsions, foam at the mouth, and she behaved exactly as possessed by the devil. Ultimately, a resident of Lima was in a mental hospital, but I could do with her doctors, even if the exorcist Jim Peasboro can’t help her…

Another similar case occurred in the typical American family, where the child was playing on the laptop, suddenly screen was extended towards him translucent clawed hands. It was watched not only the boy but also his parents. Fortunately, the teenager in fear, managed to shut the lid of the gadget, after which he heard the sigh of disappointment.

According to Jim Peasboro, any modern computer, a mobile device has the necessary capacity to store any evil spirit. They drain the users energy, making them insane slaves to these devices, are pushing (especially teenagers) to illegal and violent actions and so on. And the most dangerous are the last apps, in particular, the operating system Windows 10.

Ten percent incomprehensible failures of modern computers USA, says the exorcist, guilty exactly infernal entity, so in this case, it is useless to call the master or a programmer, they in most cases only shrug, because the device in their presence (as if mocking the owners) work like chastity, but should the expert go…

In dealing with such problems, says Peasboro, for a computer, sometimes it is enough to reinstall the system, replace the hard drive. But if this is happening with a mobile device, it is best to throw it immediately…

All this may seem unrealistic, but because skeptics thought of the hackers who, in their opinion, capable of any “jokes”. But… poor girl Patricia Quispe, for example, is still in a psychiatric hospital, and when something supernatural and completely unexplainable from the point of view of hacking even occurs with modern computers and cell phones, more.

Of course, not only in the U.S. but the American priest and exorcist Jim Peasboro first sounded on this occasion the alarm. You will listen to him someone? Unlikely. Tell me, hand on heart, you believe in such a hell? Of course, not until it happens to you themselves. So does every one of us, says Jim Peasboro…

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