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In the United States are testing a “breakthrough” rocket engine

В США тестируют "прорывной" ракетный двигательThe engine has konovodova build.

ARCA Space Corporation has announced the beginning of ground tests konovodova rocket engine (an aerospike) for the world’s first single-stage rocket Demonstrator 3. ARCA took only 60 days to build a working prototype.

Over the last 60 years starting procedure of the missile in space has not fundamentally changed with the ascent from it are separated steps, which fall to Earth or burn up in dense layers of the atmosphere. Multi-stage system allows not only to take on Board more fuel to output the payload into orbit, not much affecting the weight of the spacecraft. The main task — to ensure the smooth operation of the engines at different altitudes. Most motors have a limited range of work at height. Therefore, they need to be replaced periodically, separating the stage from the rocket and launching new engines.

ACRA decided to leave the current system the challenge and developed the world’s first rocket engine, able to work equally well in atmosphere and in space.

In the design of an aerospike instead of one point of the exhaust in the form of a small hole in the center of the nozzle used is a wedge-shaped protrusion around which a set of combustion chambers. A wedge forms one side of the virtual nozzle, while the other part is formed by passing a stream of air during flight.

As soon as the rocket flies higher, more rarefied air of the weaker holds Gaza, and they extend outwards. This allows the engine to automatically adjust in flight, turning from atmospheric to the space with virtually unlimited expansion coefficients.

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