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In the U.S. Congress denied accreditation Agency Sputnik

В Конгрессе США отказали в аккредитации агентству Sputnik Journalists should not “act as agent of or employed by the Federal government or authorities of any other state”.

Russian news Agency Sputnik refused a permanent pass to the state Capitol building, which is also required for visits of journalists of a number of hearings in the House of representatives and the Senate.

This was reported by the newspaper Politico.

According to her, accreditation when Congress denied the Washington correspondent Andrew Feinberg.

According to the newspaper, this decision by the press gallery of the Congress (engaged, in particular, the registration of journalists – approx. TASS) has taken due to the fact that in the ranks of this Association no members of the media with state funding. According to the Director of the press gallery Justin Wilson, quoted by Politico that the Agency has the opportunity to challenge the decision.

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