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In the U.S., a new scandal erupted with Ivanka trump

В США разразился новый скандал с Иванкой ТрампThe daughter of the President of the United States violated the main prohibition of the father.

The daughter of the President of the United States, despite the claims by trump to buy American and hire Americans, sews clothes for their brand in China for pennies.

At the factory in China, by the way, is not only clothes “Ivanka trump”. Still doing Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

In addition, during routine testing in October of last year the factory was discovered a number of violations, which is difficult to imagine. It is unlikely that the production of ivanki will close (after all, her father is the President of the United States). But to force her to pay the salaries corresponding to the provisions of the labour code, can.

Donald trump is not just (or even the day of the inauguration) said that the US policy is now focused on the development of its own production: “We will stick to two simple rules: buy American and hire Americans.” However, recently it appeared that Ivanka under this rule somehow does not fall – she continued to make clothes in China.

We will remind, in 2007, Ivanka has created her own jewelry brand Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, which is specialized in the production of jewelry, and soon began to do and clothes.

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