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In the Ternopil region came to destroy the dangerous plant. Video

На Тернопольщине взялись уничтожать опасное для человека растение. ВидеоJuice of Hogweed in contact with the skin reacts to sunlight and causes burns.

In Ternopil region the people come from to destroy the Hogweed is a dangerous weed, which is in contact with the skin causes burns.

Natalia from Ternopil tells that after contact with the plant she had to treat the burns in a few months.

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“When the juice gets on the leg, and even I got, a very terrible burn. For a very long time to heal, very difficult,” – says the woman.

In Ternopil oblast Sosnovsky cow parsnip was brought to the Soviet era. Weed planned to breed as food for animals. From idea later abandoned, but the plant is already rooted.

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In the city of Ternopil he decided to destroy in a centralized way. To combat Hogweed this year government has allocated 197 thousand.

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