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In the suburbs, two sisters came to the police for help. There they were beaten

В Подмосковье две сестры пришли в полицию за помощью. Там их избили

In the Moscow region opened a criminal case in connection with the beating by police of sisters Victoria Lansky and Yulia Kislyak. It is reported by the “Committee against torture”.

According to the sisters, may 22, they came to the police Department for Ivanteevka to learn about the audit in their application because of the beating the son of Lansky at school. Girls met the chief of Department Eugene Viljanen and began to provoke verbal conflict, and then rudely demanded to stop filming. During the altercation, the police started beating the applicants.

“Vujadin ordered all the officers appeared in uniform to remove the number badges and in any case not be presented to us. He grabbed my right hand by the throat and with the assistance of five employees dragged in that part of the corridor of the police Department, where there are no surveillance” — said Kislyak.


According to her, there are security forces pushed her on her stomach, began to wring his hands and wanted to take the phone. “I tried to hide it in the abdominal area. At the same time I struck the hand of someone of the employees. Viljanen was on top of me, pressed me with his body to the floor, hands trying to shut the mouth and nose, grabbed me in the chest area,” — said Kislyak.

After the police managed to take away from Yulia telephone, in respect of the sisters were drawn up on petty hooliganism (article 20.1 of the administrative code). In further cases on administrative offences was terminated by the court. However, against the girls opened a criminal case about the use of violence against police (article 318 of the criminal code).

On 20 September a criminal case was filed against security forces. They are suspected of excess of powers of office (article 286 of the criminal code). The case involves the chief of police and several other unidentified police officers. The girls had recorded numerous bruises and brain concussion.

In early September it became known that in Ulyanovsk the security forces beaten up in the police Department, 32-year-old local resident, who came to them with seven-year-old daughter to report the crime.

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