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In the state Duma want to limit the share of foreign capital in hospitals to protect the biological material

В ГД хотят ограничить долю иностранного капитала в клиниках, чтобы защитить биоматериал

In the state Duma want to limit the share of foreign capital in the Russian clinics

In the state Duma is preparing a bill to limit the share of foreigners in the authorized capital of the Russian private healthcare organizations. About that RT told the author of the initiative, the Deputy of the party “United Russia” Yevgeny Fyodorov.

According to him, the share of foreign participation in the share capital of the clinics should not exceed 20%. Fyodorov said that today the ultimate owners of some of the largest domestic private healthcare organizations are foreign legal entities, including many offshore companies.

“These organizations have access to medical information of millions of citizens of Russia, engaged in the collection of biological material for laboratory tests and so on. And we even can not always tell who is behind these clinics and not whether they use the resulting data for any other purposes,” – said the Deputy.

The MP added that the offshore loophole of the settlor can benefit from foreign intelligence services, “interested in the antennas of the Russians for the development of new models of biological and chemical weapons”. It is expected that the bill will be ready before the end of this year.

In the fall of 2017 wide resonance was caused by the statement of the President on the meeting of the Council for human rights that foreigners with incomprehensible goals “purposefully and professionally” collect the biological material of the Russians of different ethnic groups. Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told journalists that Russian security services have proof that foreign emissaries are in Russia collection of biological material of relevance to different ethnic groups living in the country: it was reported that this material can be used to develop viruses.


November 1, the Pentagon said that the choice of the Russians for the collection of biological material for the needs of the US was not intentional, and the works connected with study of musculoskeletal system. Research required two sets of samples from disease and control samples ribonucleic acid (RNA) and the synovial membrane. Since the original vendor has provided samples from Russia, suitable for the original group of diseases, and the control group of samples also needs to be of Russian origin, explained in the U.S. office.



According to Dr. in biological Sciences, bioinformatics Mikhail Gelfand, Putin “who cheated”. The scientist stressed that reports of the creation of genetic weapons is “a disgusting lie”. “Such weapons do not exist. People are too similar to each other, so you can create a specific weapon against any race,” – said the scientist.


Additionally, the author of the initiative about restriction of foreign ownership in medical institutions Yevgeny Fyodorov is known for his conspiracy views and fight against the “foreign threat” in various fields. The former participant of operations in Afghanistan and Colonel Fedorov in Parliament since 1993. He is also coordinator of the Pro-Kremlin organization “National liberation movement” (GCD), whose members organize provocations on the activities of the opposition and human rights activists.


Despite such strong support of the current government, Fedorov repeatedly said that Russia is a US colony. He also claimed that a CIA agent was the famous rock musician Viktor Tsoi, song which was allegedly written in Hollywood. Thus, the United Russia Fedorov tried once again to prove that in Russia there is “widespread spy network of the United States”.



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