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In the State Duma discussed the draft law on supporting entrepreneurs in the Arctic

В Государственной думе обсудили законопроекты о поддержке предпринимателей в Арктике

In the State Duma discussed the package of draft laws on state support of entrepreneurial activities in the Arctic zone of Russia. At a joint meeting of the Arctic Council at the Federation Council and the expert Council for legislative support of the far Northern regions of the state Duma, the bills were told by the Minister for development of the Far East and the Arctic region Alexander Kozlov. They suggest significant tax benefits and preferences for doing business in the Russian Arctic. ACCORDING to the developers, these measures will help to increase the investment attractiveness of the Arctic, and will attract tens of trillions of rubles of investment.

Grigory Ledkov: Deputy of the state Duma, the President of the Association kmns and the far East: “Today all spoke and we heard that there was a counter-movement, at least hear us. Too bad that at the output before the first reading time at all. And it is not clear if we are going to discuss these articles, how they can affect the very concept of law. But most importantly, we agreed on next Wednesday to meet and start to correct as possible in these articles.”

Olga Epifanova – the Deputy of the state Duma: “We worked two and a half hours, when the end of our extended meeting, so they now stand, and agree on when they will begin work on the changes mentioned by people, or for those guarantees mentioned. And now, discussing this package of bills, we hope that it just stimulates the economy, and regions in the North will receive the money, and we will be able to realize the dream”.

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