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In the span?

В пролете?

The merger of the eminent Soviet Mil and Kamov in the framework of JSC “Helicopters of Russia”, which “destroy”, make unattended market of helicopters “Mi”.


Thus, it is impossible to say with confidence that the world aviation community in the imposters of the “Helicopters of Russia” admit the authors of the Soviet aircraft. Thus, the engine plant “Motor Sich” Ukraine has all chances to take European orders from the Russian “developer”, according to the newspaper “Our Version”.

JSC “Helicopters of Russia” owning 83,84% of shares of “Moscow helicopter plant named after M. L. Mil”, bills itself as “the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters of the Russian Federation“.

Other holders of securities, the Bureau currently does not allow this, although, following the logic of “Helicopters of Russia” would.

The General Director of holding Andrey Boginsky still did not answer the question about the freedom of interpretation. However, if you look at the situation from this angle, then why would, for example, Ukrainian company “Motor Sich”, which has a development certificate of helicopters, not to do the same? After all, Mil and the plant of Zaporozhye were part of the Soviet Ministry of aviation industry and, therefore, equal in their rights. “Helicopters of Russia” with their statements and destruction eminent office only complicate the situation in the industry, but the management of the holding this is not too concerned. He has another task – to prove their necessity.

If you delve into the issue of allocation of production facilities to create helicopters, it becomes clear that their makers remained in Russia, but such an important part of the equipment as an engine is created by Ukraine. First “Motor Sich” is entirely dependent on the success of the Russian factories producing the final product, but then the main holdingstrong Denis Manturov has helped the collaboration to fall apart. In 2005, Russia made an attempt to create a helicopter engine.

It was unsuccessful, as much of what is generated, the future head of the Ministry of industry and trade.

With this in mind, Ukrainian engine manufacturers began seeking ways of selling their products, having been engaged in the development of not only engines. Now the company is working hard to put on the conveyor production of the main gearbox VR-17МС, designed for helicopters Mi-8/17. It was created from new materials. In addition, the “Motor Sich” soon will acquire independently produced by the rotor blades. All this testifies to the creation of conditions conducive to the erosion of the monopoly of the holding of the RF on the foreign market, without which “Helicopters of Russia” will become a very empty place.

On the Austrian portal “Austrian Wings” appeared information about the fact that Europe has approved the helicopter Mi-8MSB, saying it was the most powerful version of the helicopter from the Mi-8. The presence of European certificate allows the Ukrainian plant to occupy a larger market share, periosystem avicennia new engines.

Active work is underway for obtaining certification of the helicopter Mi-8MSB in China and “Motor Sich”, in turn, wants the Civil aviation administration of China has approved the Ukrainian engines.

If the Ukrainian engine builders are not slowed down, the sales of Russian helicopters face stagnation, which is a holding company, apparently, can not resist. Russian administrative resources outside the RF is not working, and others the enterprise to solve problems just can not. Trying to connect the Sony to the issue of obtaining the certificate the Mi-171A2 in China failed. China simply refused to accept the application for approval of documents due to the fact that there was no information about the customer. In South Korea, the same thing happened.

Recall that a month ago at the exhibition in China who headed the delegation of Rostec Viktor Kladov said that the contract for the supply of 48 helicopters Mi-17V-5 to India fell through, because there the army “priorities“. Refusal of purchases of the most modern Russian helicopter Ka-52 was followed by Egypt, decided to buy American aircraft.

“Motor Sich” in the meantime, the helicopter SME-8, which will be released in the class of Mi-8/17 and will likely become a competitor to the model of helicopter, where you are basing the whole of its foreign trade strategy of “Helicopters of Russia”.

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