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In the South of France excavated the ancient necropolis

На юге Франции раскопали античный некропольA large ancient burial found by French archaeologists.

In the South of France in the commune of Bouc-Bel-air, the archaeologists managed to find the necropolis of ancient time, when Christianity began to spread in the area.

Just the impressive area found 315 graves.

On intended for the construction site conducted their work the staff of the Institute for conservation of archaeological research, who managed to unearth an ancient tomb. The search continued and soon on the area of almost 22 square kilometres of experts found 315 ancient graves. The exact date of the burial remains unknown, and all found the remains aimed at a detailed study in the laboratory. This will allow us to understand the life of those people living in the area, as well as their usual diet and diseases specific for this area.

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It should be noted that burial rituals are strongly reminiscent of the Christian. Some of the dead were buried in wooden coffins, but there are lead. Undoubtedly found in the graves of coins, pots and other attributes indicate a fairly slow replacement of Christianity is more widespread at that time paganism. Despite this, archaeologists say, that in the very late of the graves are practically no attributes of life. This indicates complete acceptance of Christianity among the inhabitants of the time.

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