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In the Solar system found a new planet

В Солнечной системе найдена новая планета

Researchers from the European southern Observatory have confirmed the existence of the smallest planet of the Solar system — Hygeia, which is located in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. A dwarf planet is the fourth-largest in the main asteroid belt after Ceres, Vesta and Pallas. Despite its tiny size (diameter of the dwarf planet is approximately equal to the distance from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod), the found object has a spherical form and claims to be a full-fledged dwarf planet.

В Солнечной системе найдена новая планета

Size comparison of dwarf planets from the asteroid belt

New observations using the Very Large Telescope showed that the surface discovered Hygeia is devoid of any large craters, which could indicate the formation of the dwarf planet in the Wake of a major collision of two other dwarf planets in the distant past of the Solar system. Scientists expected to find at least one large, deep pool shock, similar to what was found on the West. The new study also showed that Gigeya has a spherical shape, thus taking the status of the smallest of the dwarf planet Ceres.

In addition, the study of the surface Hygeia showed that a small planet was formed as a result of a major frontal collision with another celestial body, which occurred about 2 billion years ago, completely destroyed the parent body. Once the remaining parts together, creating a modern asteroid belt, Gigeya acquired a round shape. That is a tremendous explosion of two prehistoric objects provoked the appearance is not five, and six dwarf planets, which were subsequently discovered and registered.

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