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In the sky over Ukraine can be seen Starfall

В небе над Украиной можно будет наблюдать звездопад Intensive phase phenomena will last until October 10.

The meteor, known as meteor showers or even appear when a swarm of meteoroids enters the atmosphere when burned, they generate a flash of light, which are available to the human eye in the dawn or the night sky.

The peak of the Draconids meteor shower falls on 8-10 numbers Oct.

The productivity of a meteor shower in a calm state is very small – about 10 meteors per hour. However, the dragonborn showed incredible bursts of activity in 1933 and 1946, when its activity reached 600 meteors per hour– which is about 10 per minute! And in 2011, the peak number was 300 falling bodies per hour, which is also very impressive.

The starbursts are best seen in the predawn time, but for meteor shower early October – far from it. This is due to the position of the constellation of the Dragon, which is the radiant of a meteor shower, the point from which visually appear all the meteor stream. Constellation highest in the sky at night.

It is reported that the people of Ukraine and Eastern Europe will see the stars best.

Observers are encouraged to leave a small amount of stray lighting will help discern the stars best. It was in the dark are best seen falling fragments of meteorites, while the street lighting makes this almost impossible. In addition, once your eyes get used to the dark, they can better discern a shooting star.

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