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In the sky over Kiev raised a dozen fighters. Video

В небо над Киевом подняли десяток истребителей. ВидеоPublished frames of training of the Ukrainian pilots.

Intercepted hostile aircraft which burst into our airspace. Just such a training mission carried out Ukrainian pilots on the MiG-29. The sudden teaching, the armed forces began to carry out increasingly to the maximum to prepare our military to defend the Ukrainian sky.

The motor warmed up, the ground crew ready, the pilot is waiting for the command to start. Final preparations completed. The command post gives the nod to take off. One by one to the runway moved to the Ukrainian fighters. They are on the job.

In the sky over the capital appeared notional enemy aircraft. Needs to be intercepted. To do this, the pilots time to think not. Even fly two aircraft at once. At maximum speed they fly towards the capital.

In an instant rose into the sky with a dozen aircraft. A sight that is beyond words. Fast and maneuverable the MiG-29 is just made for this kind of task.

Despite this skill, it is strange that all these pilots are rookies. They only recently graduated from flight schools and is now gaining experience.

When the first attack came back from deployment, time to talk there. Pilots are to report on the progress of the job. Not in a hurry only the brigade commander who arrived with the newcomers.

Side by side with the young pilots, the sky protect and the monsters of the aviation world. For example, the Ukrainian pilot Dmitry Fisher, who performed incredible flight in London.

According to him, in Europe, Ukrainian pilots are always happy to see. Considered one of the best in the world. Dmitry says that it is now possible to fly more. The war in the East has made adjustments.

Now we do not attach to the execution of tasks in ATO area due to the Minsk agreements. But we use this time and prepare. We have a lot of young pilots who are willing to perform tasks at the level of pilots such like me, – said the Deputy brigade commander for flight training Dmitry Fisher.

To identify enemy target in the sky, the military need only a few minutes. To intercept or even to destroy – only a quarter of an hour. Hardly the first time the Ukrainian pilots began to work on the flight in the night and in the composition of combat groups. Because of military secrecy commanders can not tell much, but I assure you, now the Ukrainian sky is protected.

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