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In the sky over Japan spotted a disguised UFO

В небе над Японией засекли замаскированное НЛО So the aliens are watching humanity

After several witnesses in Japan were captured last week, a strange cluster of clouds in a spherical form, this fact is not haunted by ufologists. They claim it was a UFO disguised under the name “death Star”.

In the town of Fujisawa was seen a strange object similar to a spherical cloud. However, UFOlogy believe that this combination of clouds in the sky can be the methods of disguise of the alien ships to earth people they are not noticed. At the time, as they were in close proximity to the surface of our planet. Scientists even came up with the name strange flying object.

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They called it “death Star”. So the aliens are watching mankind. They are using radiation impact on clouds, which gather together and stay long in this state. However, after the Japanese had photographed the strange phenomenon, he disappeared into the sky and disappeared, because there are other theories of the origin of this object.

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