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In the skies over Argentina took a mysterious phenomenon. Video

В небе над Аргентиной сняли загадочное явление. ВидеоThe object, dubbed “fire dragon”.

In Buenos Aires (Argentina), the locals took the strange phenomenon in the evening sky. Unusual object dubbed “fire dragon” due to the bright plume trailing behind it. At the end of the flight, he for unexplained reasons, suddenly was divided into two parts, which gradually began to fade.

YouTube users have been unable to figure out what they showed.

We will remind, inhabitants of Donbass saw in the sky a strange phenomenon. According to national signs, the appearance of a rainbow in winter foretells the frost and snow. These public observations have a quite scientific explanation. Halo appears in the sky for three reasons: cloudless sky, low temperature and high humidity. These factors are just the same with the change of weather, and when approaching snow-storm or heavy frost.

In the canadian province of Alberta is also possible to see the rare natural phenomenon, during which the moving cloud swept across the horizon like a tsunami. Local resident managed to remove as a cloud “rolled” across the region.

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