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In The Sims 4, characters have new opportunities

В The Sims 4 персонажи получили новые возможностиNow you can do even the Laundry.

Characters The Sims 4 has finally got an opportunity to wash and dry your underwear — Electronic Arts and Maxis have released a Supplement to “Laundry Day catalog.” Trailer for “Symphony No. 9” by Beethoven can be viewed below.

The Laundry appeared in the draft thanks to the insistent demands of the users. According to the announcement, was created “together with the players and the fans”, but first he had to go through a series of online polls. It took six qualifying rounds and 768 thousand votes to decide whether players need to be able to erase things Sims.

“Laundry day — the directory” allows you to set the houses washing machine and tumble dryer or wash clothes the old fashioned way, manually. Moreover, it is possible to hang Laundry outdoors to enable them to dry thoroughly.

The Supplement also includes content with the Laundry unrelated. There are new elements of the decor in rustic style — wood and cane furniture, colourful rugs and floral baskets.

There was a place “themed outfits, floral patterns, simple denim items and casual hairstyles”.

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