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In the series “Masters of horror” unable to reissue the “Books of blood” by Clive Barker

And we have another exclusive from the bowels of the publishing house AST, specifically the wording “Astrel-SPb”, which seems to already fit to rename the “factory of horrors AST”. Judge for yourself: it is the “psychological” is responsible for leading a series of Russian horror, “the worst book”, there has been a growing series of foreign horror “Masters of horror”, and there promise to release a gorgeous encyclopedia of the world “Strangers”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

One little “but”. The information which we share with you now, while held by the category of HEARING. That is, officially, nothing has been decided, any contracts NOT executed, and therefore can not take place.

And we will talk about new series “Masters of horror” in which, after a successful start, not something to be republished.

First, it is very likely that the series will be published novel Adam Neville “Ritual” – officially the book in Russian came out, but thanks to the network translation and audio summaries she has a lot of fans. In addition, it may come new from Neville – publisher eyeing to rights.

Recall also that the series actually started with a book of this author’s novel “Judgment days” came out the trial run of 2000 copies, and now it is difficult to find in stores.

And secondly – attention, fans of Clive Barker! – “Astrel-SPb” thinking about how to release in the series “Masters of horror” the two volumes of the famous “Books of blood”.

How do we know this? And we directly asked our friends from the publisher that we, as potential buyers, think about it. That’s what I said:

It’s a classic already, people like me long to read it. On the other hand, new editions not for a while. And books can motivate young people, because on a number of stories taken regarding the new movie – “Fear,” “Midnight Express,” “Book of blood”.

If new authors for publication are also planned, don’t worry. And is better write in the comments how you feel about the re-release of “Books of blood”? Given that the guys from publishers, we also read now and then, your opinion can be decisive in this matter!

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