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In the Russian mass confiscate money from depositors

В России массово конфискуют деньги у вкладчиковDue to the bankruptcy of banks in 2017 suffered 55,5 thousand Russian investors.

Yet once the largest private banks gaping holes in hundreds of billions of Russian rubles, and their management and owners continue to evade justice, state court tosses the machine against former depositors bursting of the banks.

The Agency on insurance of contributions massively takes actions against individuals, who had to withdraw their money from deposits before the Bank lost its license and was declared bankrupt.

Against the contributors of the Military-industrial Bank filed at least 150 lawsuits against customers of Tatfondbank – not less than 400, overall, the country score is probably in the thousands. The courts at the same side of the DIA, the claims are considered “a blueprint”, sometimes for 10-15 minutes, told “Kommersant” Dmitry shkolyarenko, the son of one of the depositors of the VPB.

The arguments that customers were not aware of the insolvency of the Bank and only used the legitimate right to manage their own money, not taken into account.

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ASV refers to the fact that deposits were removed when the Bank was already a “file Cabinet” – the list of not executed obligations to other creditors. This gives reason to believe that the collusion of Bank managers and customers “not excluded”, said a close source to the DIA.

However, he admits, the existence of a filing does not prevent the Bank to give money, if they are in the checkout, such restrictions into law.

After the withdrawal of the contribution is nullified, the person must repay the Bank the money. “If there is no money, the bailiff sells his property to repay the collected amount. In the absence of the property of a citizen can be bankrupt,” says Alex Kostomarov from AB Liniya Prava.

Bank commitments to the client thus being restored to the amount of 1.4 million rubles, he can obtain insurance reimbursement. If more Deposit – return is not guaranteed, the remainder is repaid from the bankruptcy estate. It is also used ASV to counsel, levied the money of depositors in the courts.

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The DIA, obviously trying to replenish their reserves, depleted by numerous withdrawals: Deposit insurance Fund managed by the Agency, represents the hole – its size is negative and this negative value increases, indicates the chief analyst of Sberbank Mikhail Matovnikov.

In 2014 the Fund is replenished mainly at the expense of the printing press of the Central Bank, the DIA provided a loan of more than 800 billion rubles.

But “such actions undermine the trust of individuals to the banking system as a whole, as good citizens, for fear of such disputes, will be afraid to keep funds on deposits”, said the head of ARB Garegin Tosunyan. According to him, the Association “will appeal to the Supreme court with a request to develop a position on this issue.”

According to the ASV, due to the bankruptcy of banks in 2017 suffered 55.5 thousands of Russian investors, each of which is stored in the deposits above the amount insured. They lost a total of 25.5 billion rubles.

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