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In the Rivne region of the deceased soldier APU seen on his knees

В Ровенской области погибшего бойца ВСУ встречали на коленяхYuri Kolesnik participated in the withdrawal from the “Ilovaisky boiler”.

The regional center of Dubrovitsa of Rivne region, today buried a 23-year-old fighter ATO Yuri Kolesnik, who died on 23 October near Volnovakha.

The victim, according to the Dubrovitsky RSA, October 2013 served in the 80 AERM and participated in the withdrawal of Ukrainian soldiers from the “Ilovaisky boiler”. Then he transferred to the combat part of the South, which performed combat tasks in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In November 2015, Yuri Kolesnik received the award of the Ministry of defence “Defender of Ukraine”.

“Soldiers Kolesnik conducted reconnaissance to prevent DRG approach in the village of Bogdanovka, Donetsk region. Setting flares to the security post, he stepped on an unknown mine-explosive device of the enemy,” according to the website of the state administration.

Most likely, it was a Russian mine the newest model. This is reported by users facebook.com.

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“Yesterday, on October 26, the body of a countryman Yury Kolesnik met the residents of the Dubrovytsky district. “Cargo 200″ was slowly moving through many villages and on the roadside people with candles stood on his knees and bowed to the deceased. The funeral cortege lined up about a hundred cars, but no one dared to overtake,” said the RGA Dubrovytsky district.

Volunteer Ian Sedge remembers that Kolesnik graduated from the local high school where has received a speciality “Mason and plasterer”. And then was the army.

“After the hell of fighting in the summer and early autumn of 2014, concussion and treatment in the Odessa military hospital Yuri went to study at the Military Academy in Odessa, but did not finish as strongly wanted to return to the front and was transferred to a new office,” writes the Sedge in facebook.com.

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Also, according to the volunteer, Kolesnik was a wonderful artist and very good friend.

“And he drew from under his hand came out real masterpieces, very fond of tattoos on Patriotic themes, many of the boys brigade in which he served, was a beautiful memory of his comrades. And some of those who died were identified exactly by the drawings of Yuri that he had done earlier,” – says the volunteer.

The brother of the victim – Vladimir Kolesnik is the Abbot of the Svyato-Petro-Pavlovskogo khrama Sarny eparchy of the UOC of the village of klesiv. This was reported on the official website, Sarny parii of the UOC.

Buried warrior Yuri on the Central city cemetery.

В Ровенской области погибшего бойца ВСУ встречали на коленях
В Ровенской области погибшего бойца ВСУ встречали на коленях
В Ровенской области погибшего бойца ВСУ встречали на коленях

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