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In the river will be “smart” trams

В Днепре появятся "умные" трамваиThe electronic ticket will take 8 million.

In the river completed the testing of the new cashless fare system in public transport. Now technology, with which citizens will be able to buy virtual tickets using their smartphones, promising to launch to the masses.

QR CODES. In essence, the new fare collection system will be a mobile program that can read a so-called QR codes, which will now begin to equip urban transport. The passenger will be able to read the code with your smartphone, after which the program will carry out the cancellation of the fare from his account through Internet banking, while on the phone the buyer will receive an image of the virtual ticket. Officials claim to deceive the inspector by showing him a screenshot of the old ticket, savvy passengers will fail, because the ticket will look like a moving picture with a unique ID. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

First and foremost, to work the new system will begin in the same place where she was tested on the tram route №1. So, before the end of the current month in the city hall plan to complete the modernization of 28 cars the main tram line of the city, equipping them with the necessary devices for cashless payment. “The route of the first tram is the most popular among our countrymen, every day they use about 90 thousand passengers, — said the mayor of the city Boris Filatov. — Therefore, the launch of this innovation, we decided with him”.

In addition to the QR codes in the modernized wagons are planned and a number of other “advanced” innovations: in particular, the emergence of electronic signs and LED displays that will display information about the route that should be an additional convenience for people with poor hearing. Also, there will be broadcast of different social videos, including detailed instructions for using the electronic ticket. But the most curious novelty, which offers the passengers of the first tram route, will be that announcing stops from now on they will vote… the mayor of the city Boris Filatov.

By the way, those citizens who with the modern gadgets are not friends, nothing to worry about, say in the city Council. After all, the system of cash payment, with the issuance of the passengers the usual paper tickets, will continue in parallel with the new. Will not change as a result of innovations and the fare on the tram, which will remain at the level of 1,5 UAH.

FURTHER — MORE. The introduction of the electronic ticket in the tram No. 1 — only the first step, and already this year, “wiser” start and other city routes, promises at city hall. According to officials, the case remains “small” — to find in full is required on such a large project.

“Of course, we will extend this system to other lines. Our goal is to implement it in all public transport, — said Boris Filatov. Now we are looking for investor who will participate in the project, because full implementation of this initiative in the city will cost about eight million dollars. But it definitely worth it because that means we’ll be able to completely overcome the shadow of payment in transport. So, even with these costs, this project has not only social but also economic expediency”.

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