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In the river two shepherd nearly killed a teenager

В Днепре две овчарки едва не загрызли подростка The dog jumped over the fence and grabbed the guy’s stranglehold.

Fifteen-year-old Denis in the evening went to the gym, when out of the yard of a private house popped two shepherds and attacked him. The cry ran from the neighbors.

Denis is now at home, but the father to communicate with him does not allow the says that the teenager has experienced a lot of stress. The owner of the dogs to meet journalists would not, but the police assured: dogs on the guy not incited.

In such cases, sufferers may require not only to punish the owners of dogs, but also to compensate moral and material damages, says lawyer Andrew Verba.

“You need to call the police so that the police recorded the attack, to collect information from medical institutions, where he was treated there the child or the victim. And, accordingly, these documents refer to a court”, – said the lawyer.

However, the next 12 days father Dennis have to watch the neighbor’s dogs to understand, not sick with rabies.

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