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In the river to extinguish the fire found the body of an unknown man

В Днепре при тушении пожара обнаружили тело неизвестного мужчиныThe body of a man found at fire extinguishing in a suburban house.

Yesterday, October 11, night received a message about the fire in the single storey disused cottage in the Shevchenko district of the Dnieper river on the Avenue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

On call immediately left the guard on duty. The staff of the rescue service, examined the situation, found that the fire arose in the middle of the room of the country house. During suppression of fire firemen have found a body of an unknown man. Whether it was the owner of the house is unknown.

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Fire engulfed the old household things and debris, the total area covered by the fire was 20 square meters. 23:36 the fire was completely extinguished. In extinguishing involved five firefighters and 5 vehicles. The cause of the fire and the identity of the deceased will set the police.

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