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In the river there was a unique street

В Днепре появилась уникальная улицаGallery under the open sky.

Street for a million dollars appeared in the river – it is only 300 meters in length and find it on the map impossible. On the street the exhibited works of art from the enamel.

Pictures of enamel Enamel hanging on the street walls of the houses under the open sky.

“Street contains the exposition, which consists of 130 unique original works. No analogues in Ukraine – that’s for sure,” – said leading researcher of the Museum of Ukrainian painting Vladimir Malikov.

Their work gave free 20 Ukrainian enamellers – the cost of each painting ranges from ten thousand dollars, and the whole exhibition is worth more than a million, say critics. That is why the pictures on the street under the watchful guard of the staff of the Museum of Ukrainian art.

Thanks to the unique technique of making the paintings from the enamel will not harm any kind of weather – first on the metal plate applied enamel, and then baked at a temperature of about 800 degrees.

“And every time she surprises you. She brings such unexpected ways that, well, I, at least, interesting. Don’t know what will come”, – said the artist-enameller Stanislav Yushkov.

Yushkov to create Enamel street already gave about three dozen of his works, and next year wants to create it on and a gate of the enamel.

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