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In the river the rescuers were not allowed to extinguish the fire

В Днепре спасателей не пустили тушить пожарRescuers had to extinguish the foliage over the fence

November 9, on the territory of the Lyceum №61, which is on the street Yermolova,50, lit up the leaves. When arrived at the scene the brigade of rescuers and the crew of the police, school personnel refused to let them in.

To put out foliage rescuers had to literally put out a fire because of the garages.

Law enforcement officers said that according to witnesses, burn the foliage of the beginning of the night. Around 13:00 the residents saw thick smoke on school grounds and reported it to the police. Then immediately came the crew of the patrol police, but the school staff assured them that they will be able to extinguish a small fire on their own.

Around 17:30, the situation repeated itself: the leaves began to smolder and smoke. Then to the gates of the Lyceum again came the crew of the patrol police along with a team of SSES, but this time the school staff refused their help. The police tried to explain to the headmistress that the rescuers must be fully put out their leaves, in order to protect students and school employees. Entreaties and arguments had no effect on the headmistress and she firmly refused again. Then the rescuers decided to act outside the box: they parked the car at the garage located near the school, and began to extinguish the fire literally bypassing the school fence.

Incident has done without victims. Now the life and health of students and school staff are in no danger.

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