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In the river teenager was poisoned by carbon monoxide

В Днепре подросток отравился угарным газомThe body of a man found last night.

In the river the faulty gas heater caused the death of 13-year-old. Poisoned by carbon monoxide, a boy drowned in the bath. The ambulance crew tried to resuscitate him, but efforts of physicians have appeared vain, reports the with reference to

The body of the victim boy found in the bathtub March 7, about ten in the evening. According to preliminary version, he inhaled carbon monoxide from a faulty column.

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At high concentrations of carbon monoxide in the room after two or three breaths a person loses consciousness and dies in less than 3 minutes because it rapidly spreads blood throughout the body. Carbon monoxide has no smell, colour and taste, and mixes easily with air, so cases of poisoning with them occurs regularly.

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