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In the river mother gave birth to 14th child

В Днепре многодетная мать родила 14-го ребенкаMother intends to give birth to two more children

In the river the woman gave birth to fourteenth child. About it reports a press-service of regional clinical hospital named after Mechnikov.

In the maternity ward of the hospital 42-year-old Elena Panchenko gave birth to fourteenth child. The girl was born with a weight of 3.7 kg and growth of 53 cm.

Thirteen of their fourteen children, a woman gave birth in the hospital Mechnikov. Spouses Panchenko, Elena and Alexander, living under the Dnieper, in the village of Stari Kodaky. Man works, woman raises the children. In the family they are now as many as 14 to eight girls and six boys. “The main thing in a family is love and respect for each other. We live very amicably, dad’s been with the boys a man’s job, the girls and the female, remove, prepare. Older children help to care for the youngest in our family everyone has their duties.

The eldest daughter Emilia, who is studying in medical University, it is a future dentist. In General, we’re good, God helps us. And it’s not just words, this is the case,” says Elena Panchenko. The woman intends to give birth to two more children. “This time I had less than an hour, on their own, naturally. Added confidence the presence of doctors, obstetricians, many of them I know for a long time,” says the woman. The doctors said that mom and baby feel good.

They will meet the New year surrounded by her large family. Previously a resident of the Dnieper Alexander Ryasichenko gave birth to 13-th of the child. Baby weighing 3 kg 100 grams and growth of 50 centimeters named Myron.

В Днепре многодетная мать родила 14-го ребенка

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