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In the river began to actively fight with the “heroes Park”

В Днепре начали активно бороться с «героями парковки» Daily from the center of the Dnieper evacuate up to 10 cars.

In the river, the newly appointed Parking inspectors declared war on careless drivers who like to leave the car on tram ways, public bus stops and even on pedestrian crossings. From the warnings and conversations that supervisors admonished drivers a couple of months ago, now down to business. Vehicle towed and impounded, and owners pay fines. How innovation has affected the behavior of motorists.

Recall, evacuation and drafting administrative material in relation to an illegally parked car in the river does on the issues of control over the Parking lots of the Dnieper the city Council, which got underway in late 2018. Initially, with unscrupulous drivers of the inspectors held discussions, subsequently, from words they proceeded to deeds: for violation Parking of ethics the inspectors are administrative materials, and if necessary, take a car to the impound lot.

Now inspectors work mainly in the center of the city, because here is concentrated the largest number of office buildings, and therefore cars. On average, one Parking space in this part of the Dnieper expect about 150 cars. If received an application from the citizens on travels to other areas. In the future, with careless drivers will compete throughout the city.

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“From March 1 we started to bring to administrative responsibility of drivers who violate Parking rules. According to statistics, the day we have to evacuate five to ten vehicles that are parked in gross violation of the rules. We also issue these orders, but without evacuation – per day up to 100 such orders”, – told “Today” head of Inspectorate of control of Parking Vladimir Bacon.

The driver-the violator will have to pay a fine of 255 UAH or UAH 510. The amount depends on the degree of violation. To pay 50% of the fine citizens can within 10 days and full payment within one month. Meanwhile, drivers and citizens to such drastic measures, the decision of a question are understanding.

“The drivers agree that they make records. Even those whose cars we have to evacuate. They pay the fines and take the vehicle from the car pound. They have a perfectly normal reaction. People understand why we do it,” – emphasizes Vladimir Bacon.

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He also noted that the evacuation of cars has a positive effect on the overall picture of the workload of the centre of the city and its inhabitants – they begin to more consciously approach to the selection of places where to Park the car.

Fines and Parking fees

Extreme measures inspectors are in the case when a parked vehicle interferes with the movement of other motorists. Inattentive drivers can leave the “iron horse” on the tram tracks or the bus stop. Cars such offenders are sent to the pound. If the car drove away, the driver will have to pay the fine and the tow truck, which will cost from 650 to 850 UAH. In addition, paid and easiest cars in the Parking lot – 120 UAH for the first seven days.

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