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In the river 8-year-old girl she called the cops

В Днепре 8-летняя девочка сама вызвала полицейскихShe was hit by a drunk friend of his father.

In the river 8-year-old girl called the police when her sister was hurt and hit the drunk friend of his father, who came to visit him.

The militiamen immediately arrived on a call, which was received on 27 November, at about 10.00 am.

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In the house they found 30-year-old very drunk father, his companion and three children – girls 8 and 6 years, boy 2.5 years.

For children no one watched, while the adults took alcoholic drinks. Therefore, the inspectors called the representatives of the juvenile prevention.

In addition, the children’s father found a parcel with substance of a phytogenesis, similar to narcotic. The men were taken to the police station for clarification of all circumstances.

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By the way, in Zaporozhye woman tossed 5 month old baby girlfriend from the balcony of the third floor.

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