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In the re-release of Modern Warfare appeared micropayments

В переиздании Modern Warfare появились микроплатежиIn multiplayer, you can now open the boxes with the “loot”.

As you know, in 2007, everything was better: the drinks sweeter, bangs more refined, soulful music, and video games have not raged microtransactions. The first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came out just as the light year, but in the grim darkness of 2016 was born the Modern Warfare Remastered, which patches are adapted to modern standards.

Eyewitnesses report that with the latest update in the re-release appeared micropayments and in-game economy. In multiplayer, you can now open the boxes with the “loot”, which debuted in the current generation of Call of Duty. These crates contain cosmetic items like camouflage for weapons, crosshairs and the character of the characters.

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Boxes are bought for real money and in-game. In addition, the cosmetics can be obtained through crafting or after completion of certain tests.

In the same update introduced new types of melee weapons type shovels and hammers, as well as the female soldiers. About another important detail — six additional cards from the original — we were told earlier.

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Fans, of course, completely in awe of boxes for the money. Like, before that stuff was not, and Modern Warfare Remastered acquire it in order to play like old times.

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