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In the pictures NASA has found an object similar to a flying saucer

На снимках НАСА нашли объект, похожий на летающую тарелку The Agency explained that this capsule of the spacecraft.

Last Sunday, November 4, on the official website of the American national space Agency took a picture with the caption: “Flying saucer” from outer space crashed in the Utah desert after its spotted by radar and shot down a military helicopter.

An unusual shot really shows the wreckage of the camera, suspiciously similar to metal “alien saucer”, as if from some sci-Fi movie. Is NASA finally admitted the existence of extraterrestrial aircraft and wished to share with us a picture of one of them?

As you might guess, many ufologists and ordinary users of the world wide web was extremely surprised and intrigued by such a publication. Alas, representatives of the office rushed to clarify that just kidding, but really we are talking about something much more prosaic.

It turns out that sensational frame shows the capsule of the spacecraft “Genesis”, which was launched on 8 August 2001 to study the Sun. One of the missions of the device was the collection and delivery to Earth samples of the solar wind.

Then NASA officials explain: “there are No space aliens here are not involved. A fragment created by people robot who has been near the Sun and returned to Earth. Unfortunately, the capsule did not deploy then the parachute and it collapsed in the desert, falling on the Earth’s surface at speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour.”

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