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In the Philippines, the people plundered the wagon with alcohol. Video

На Филиппинах люди разворовали фуру с алкоголем. ВидеоBrandy carried off in a few minutes.

In the province of Quezon in the Philippines as a result of accident of the truck the road was filled with crates of brandy.

However, local residents who witnessed the accident, decided to take advantage of it and a few minutes to “clean” the roadway from bottles of alcohol.

According to the driver of the truck, moving on a mountain road, he tried to avoid collision with another truck, drove into the oncoming lane and abruptly turned the wheel.

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Because of this, his car skidded and she toppled onto his side, bringing on the road spilled the crates of brandy.

“People are crazy. Everyone wanted something to get. Brandy is expensive, so someone took it to sell. Others just wanted a drink. I feel sorry for the driver. The accident was not his fault,” said one eyewitness.

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None of the people in the accident were not injured. The amount of damage caused by looters, was not specified.

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