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In the Parliament proposed a compromise on the “EuroBLECH”

В Верховной Раде предложили компромисс по "евробляхам" The idea of simplification of customs clearance shared Nina Southerner.

The Committee on tax policy of the Verkhovna Rada proposed to reduce to enter a factor of 0.5 for cars, which will be cleared within the first 60 days after the entry into force of the new laws. This was on the sidelines of the Parliament said the head of the Committee Nina Southerner.

As before, when importing a car you need to pay excise duty and VAT. Adopted in the first reading the bills change the formula of calculation of excise tax for cars on petrol and “diesel”. The basic rate of excise tax for “gasoline” cars will be 50 Euro for “diesel” – 75 Euro. Rate plan multiplied by a factor of age and the ratio of the volume of car engine. The older the car and more powerful engine – the higher the rate.

“The first 60 days for tax rates will be used with a factor of 0.5. If the person really wants and think about what will happen to customs clearance [auto] and to pay the payments, he can pay only half rates. I don’t know what else can be offered the option to keep everyone happy. … The third month – coefficient of 0.75. Other days we have a period of 180 days is at the rate, but without applying penalties. I hope that everyone will be able rastavitsa” she said.

“After 180 days (after commencement of the act – ed.) in force penalties. They remained unchanged. They are hard precisely in order that the system worked,” said the Southerner.

Fines, according to a first embodiment of bills range from 8.5 to 170 thousand and deprivation of rights for a year. The amount of fines depends on the timing violations.

It is possible that the vote on the controversial project will be held tomorrow, 8 November. Then the Cabinet shall determine the procedure for customs clearance of cars.

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