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In the Park have improved graphics

В Crossout улучшили графикуThe developers have announced the release of a major update called the “New heavens”.

The company Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games has announced the release of a major update called the “New heaven” to post-apocalyptic MMO-action armored warfare. One of the main features of the patch 0.10.20 was the improved graphics.

The developers have done a more realistic effect the dispersion of sunlight in the atmosphere and the position of clouds and their illumination, and the color and brightness of the Sun in the game now correspond to the time of day on the map in which the battle takes place between users. With the new system, the intensity of weather conditions (smog, sandstorm, or fog) will vary depending on the terrain. It is noted that for all these effects was a lot of work on optimization, so they do not affect the performance of the game on personal computers.

Also with the release of patch 0.10.20 changed clan fighting in the Park. Now the battles are best of three, and the number of prizes was increased. The team that took the first 60 places in the tournament table, will receive uranium ore for the production of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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